Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Invite to The Future is Domestic!


The Future Is Domestic!

A shared artistically experimental exploration of art making in a small rural community of Monreal North, Ennistymon, Co. Clare, from 11- 18 May, 2013.

Outrider artists and friends in association with Clare Artts Office will collaborate in a series of workshops with Estonian artists John Griznick and Evelyn Muuserp from MoKS, Estonia  (Sound/Drawing outdoors) and Signe and Udri Pucene from SERDE, Latvia. (Herbs/alcohol making)
The Future is Domestic! uses the materiality of making to lead discourse and raise questions in the research of the merging of domestic and public spaces. 

You are invited to public presentations by artists participating in the workshops,
to be shared in the Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon: Sunday, 12th of May from 3-5pm and Saturday, 18th of May from 3-5pm. 

For more information please contact: TheFutureIsDomestic@gmail.com 
This project is supported by the EU Local Partnership Scheme for transnational cultural co-operation.

Herbs with SERDE

Herbs dried by Signe Pucene of SERDE, a taste of what we might get up to in our workshop with her, weather permitting!

Evelyn Muursepp being creative...

John Grzinich up a pole

A hint at things we might get up to in his workshop....

Press Release for The Future is Domestic!

The Future is Domestic! is a European Presidency Local Art Scheme, presented by Clare County Council and hosted by Outrider Artists from the 12th to the 19th May. This workshop-led exploration of the theme “The Future is Domestic!” will include artists from MoKs, Centre for Art and Social Practice, Estonia, with SERDE, a centre for art, folklore and heritage in Lativia, and Outrider artists and friends in a rural domestic community in Monreal North, Ennistymon, Co.Clare.

Outrider Artists is a loose association of artists based in rural North Clare, varying in numbers and participation in response to each project. They have a history of merging domestic and public spaces, through hosting artists in their homes, creating pop up galleries, sharing facilities and knowledge and exhibiting/performing in unusual spaces here and abroad. Outrider Artists now wish to continue that positive creative empowerment through collaborating with artists from MoKS, Estonia, and SERDE, Latvia. Shared workshops and public presentations are the formats to explore the theme of this gathering and acquire new artistic skills through the process of making. 

The unique creative team of Evelyn Muursepp and John Grzinich, from MoKs, both internationally recognized artists in their individual fields of drawing  andsound have constructed a workshop that also has a level of social consciousness to be explored in its realization. SERDE are offering two workshops; gathering herbs and making alcohol tintures. Techniques of distillery and fermentation are new to us and welcome as new methodologies for making & creating. 

MoKS, SERDE and the invited artists participating in the workshops will give public presentations at the beginning and at the end of the weeks' work in the Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon, to a public audience. All are welcome to this free sharing from 3-5pm Sunday 12th May and 3-5pm Saturday, 18th May from 3-5pm. 

The Future is Domestic! has a strong European dimension featuring international artists who have a very considered art practice/social engagement and bring aspects of their cultures very clearly defined with them. This process is ambitiously reaching out to use the trans-local seeds of creativity to generate new models of collaboration and art practice in rural settings.  
By setting up innovative conditions for creative experiment, taking risks and peer to peer learning through workshops and a residential shared week together, we are opening the knowledge base in this inventive gathering for new artistic methodologies to emerge. Focusing on dialogue through the materiality of making, while exploring the theme topic “The future is domestic!”, unusual models of art praxis may arise to support novel ways of sustaining art in rural remote areas. The high standard of creative output by these visiting artists of various art disciplines combined with their diverse backgrounds in art training and education, matched by those of their Irish counterparts, creates an environment for cross fertilization of disciplines that potentially can ultimately lead to radically ground breaking new artworks being created. 
For more information please visit web: The-Future-Is-Domestic.blogspot.com or email:thefutureisdomestic@gmail.com

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Personal Geographies with John and Evelyn Grzinich

Exploring Personal Geographies, taking sonic and visual cues from the local landscape. By John and Evelyn Grzinich
- In this workshop we closely examine the landscape of our everyday surrounding and find ways to 'animate the elements' (forces of wind and water) through simple interventions using sound and drawing. Using creative means to build a set of visual and auditory cues helps to raise our awareness of the living changing environment around us. By taking cues from what is happening we adjust our senses and tune into the micro and macro events that shape our land. Auditory interventions can include aeolian installations to reveal harmonic resonances in the local weather patterns that can be acoustically amplified to define proximity to the sources. Drawing interventions act as visual diaries of places and events and can be used seperatly or in conjunction with auditory sites. We will work though each site and activity through daily collaborative exercises to build up maps and a unique language to define our personal geographies.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

MoKS - Evelyn and John Grzinich Workshop Mon/Tues 13/14 May

Evelyn Müürsepp- Grzinich is visual artist and cultural coordinator, based in Southeast Estonia.  After working at artist-in- residencies in Iceland and Finland, she co-initiated artist-in residence program herself in Southeast Estonia (now known as MoKS- Center for Arts and Social practice). While coordinating activities and finding financial and mental means for running artist-in-residence center, she also has maintained her practice as a visual artist. This ongoing life-university has offered her opportunity to learn from artists from all over the world and develop fruitful collaborations in various media.  Her main interest and ongoing work is with drawing where she explores how the repetitive movement of a pen/pencil affects the body and its motion. This surface-body-surface feedback is a generative method to shift from abstraction to figural imagery.

John Grzinich has worked since the early 1990s as an artist and cultural coordinator with various practices combining sound, image, site, and collaborative social structures. His interest and work with sound combines such divergent methods as field recording, kinetic sculpture, electro-acoustic composition, performance, spatial perception and acoustics, filmmaking, group workshops and exercises in listening. His compositions have been published on international labels such as: SIRR, Staalplaat, Erewhon, Intransitive, Cut, Elevator Bath, CMR, Orogenetics, Mystery Sea, Invisible Birds and others. 2012 saw the DVD release of "Two Films" on and/OAR. He lives in Estonia and works as a program coordinator for MoKS, a non-profit artist-run center.

website: http://maaheli.ee

Their collaborative workshop will take place on Monday and Tuesday 13/14 May in Mrua artist/to/artist